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McLoughlin Bros. Wild Animal Panorama VG with origianl slipcase

McLoughlin Bros. Wild Animal Panorama in slipcase

Alternative Views:

McLoughlin Bros., New York

1800's moving panorama including original slip cover

Illustrated by William Momberger

By turning the wooden dowels you can scroll through a series of wild animal lithographed pictures within the mini-theater.

Scroll is in fine condition. Panorama is very good, archival glue may be needed to secure the undamaged front of the proscenium. Original slipcase is good and complete with some tearing at seams and rubbing - see photos

12" square

A scarce panorama - even scarcer with original slip case

Collector's Corner:

The Publishers' Trade List Annual - Page 41 - 1876 states: Each style of panorama has a proscenium , and the larger ones are enclosed in pasteboard cases. As such, we assume that that the smaller ones such as ABC did not come with a case.

The illustrator, William Momberger (1829-1895*) was a native of Germany born on June 7, 1829, in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany. He learned lithography and art in his native Germany. Due to involving himself in the revolution of 1848 he immigrated to the United States that year. In 1852 he set up a lithography firm, Coughey and Momberger in New York City. Most active with publishing companies in the 1850’s and 60’s . He illustrated many books for McLoughlin. He was still illustrating as late as 1888. In his leisure he painted paintings. His obituary states that he was one of the last of the “Old American Illustrators” and that he died peacefully sitting in the grape arbor of his garden.

Wild Animals For Children, illustrated by Momberger in 1881 has similar illustrations.

*Momberger Obituary – The record, A current record of art, bibliography, and antiquarianism published semi-monthly. Volume 6 number 12, April 15, 1895. Page 4

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About McLoughlin Brothers:

McLoughlin Bros was a New York publisher of books, puzzles, games and paper dolls. Savvy about modern marketing and production, McLoughlin was able to pirate and copyright titles by greats such as JF Schreiber and Dean & Son for the American market as well as produce their own originals. They were in business from 1828 until 1920 when they were bought out by Milton Bradley, Inc. Milton Bradley continued to use the brand “Mcloughlin brothers”, including the 1930’s 40’s series of pop-up books - "Jolly Jump-Ups" but the McLoughlin division of Milton Bradley shut down during World War II . In 1951, the McLoughlin Bros. brand was bought by New York toy manufacturer Julius Kushner. Some of the the Jolly Jump-Ups were reissued at that time. Finally sold to Grosset & Dunlap in 1954. Several more Mcloughlin books were issued, but we ceased seeing the imprint by the 1970s.

We will soon publish a more detailed bio under our Movable Book History section


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