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SOLD - Celebrations of Christians - Festtage der Christenheit OTHER EDITION Ein Bilderbuch zum Aufstellen - JF Schreiber pop-up pull down tableau book : Edition 2 (different scenes than Edition 1)

J F Schreiber book

Alternative Views:

Sold -

Festtage der Christenheit. Ein Bilderbuch zum Aufstellen 2
We do not know actual title because this edition did not originally have a paste-down

JF Schreiber - 1892 ( Second Edition with different scenes)

Three panels with hinged pull down 3 dimensional scenes in color lithograph, 25 x 33,5 cm

The pull down “pop up” scenes show:
'The Adoration of the Magi', 'The Entombment of Christ' and 'The Last Supper'

Very rare J F Schreiber book similar to Buffalo Bill, Columbus, and Der Krippe (All viewable on this website)

A beautiful triptych of three pop-up panels depicting three events in the life of Christ which are significant Christian “celebrations” very similar in concept and style to Die Krippe (The Crib) which was published earlier.
The scenes include 'The Adoration of the Magi', 'The Entombment of Christ' and 'The Last Supper'

NOTE!! This book came without a paste-down on the front cover. It was plain. A previous collector copied the cover from the other edition and, added the roman numeral 2 and pasted it to the front of this book.
We do not know the significance of why it did not have a paste-down, presumably a sample copy?

It was very interesting to read a very old German language description of the book evidently as useful in the teaching of children from Theologischer Litteratur-Bericht, Volumes 15-16C. Bertelsmann, 1892 – Theology Page 281

Collectors Corner:

There is another edition of this book with different pull down scenes.
The second book has the following scenes:
The first panel depicts the Birth of Jesus (Christmas), the middle panel depicts the Resurrection (Easter) and the final panel depicts the Annunciation (Pentecost).

We have placed photos beside this listing in our Virtual Museum. Both books can be seen at the Virginia Commonwealth University Library in the Betty Tisinger Movable Books Collection.

Collect them all!
We have identified the following Schreiber "pull down" pop-up scenes. Some, such as this one, are so rare that there is very little, if any, information online about them.

Meggendorfer's books
Buffalo Bill
Der Krippe
Karl Hagenbecks Tier-Zirkus, nach Skizzen von Fr. Specht (6 fold down scenes 30 x 160 cm)


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