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Kubašta, Vojtěch - Ultra Rare Stand Up Diorama 1978 (Prázdninová ruleta) Holiday roulette game

Kubasta Holiday Roulette cut-out/stand-up game
Rare Kubasta game

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Kubašta, Vojtěch -

Very rare Kubasta Holiday Roulette cut-out/stand-up game that was insered into a 1978 edition of a Czech children's magazine.

Kubasta designed cut-out stand-up games as well as the more well know cut out stand up nativities. This example is a game called Prázdninová ruleta ( Holiday Roulette).

The game was sponsored in the magazine by the Czech Savings Bank. Kubasta’s signature initials VK are on the bottom left of the game.

This game was inserted into a 1978 Czech magazine. This one is still mint, un-cut and still inserted into the original magazine as are the original instructions (see photo). Available only in Czechoslovakia, few magazines are still left and usually the game has already been removed and cut out. The full page game is designed to be cut out, then set up and played upon. Full instructions are located on another page in the magazine. See drawing on how it is to be set-up. The instructions say that it is intended to be sent to children to play during their 3 week stay at summer camp. “Because you cannot just run around and still there are times when you are resting in a tent or hut, I am sending you this interesting game.” The child is to cut out the game, glue it to cardboard, and then fold the game according the arrows. They should then cut out the black holes. They must then make or use a simple spinning top to play on the game. They get points according to which hole the top lands in. The instructions go on to suggest that the winner be rewarded with something yummy to eat.


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