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Weihnacht 1890 Lift the Flap book by Oehmigke & Riemschneider

Weihnacht 1890 Lift the Flap book by Oehmigke & Riemschneider
Weihnacht 1890 Lift the Flap book

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Title: Weihnacht (Christmas)

Lift the Flap book in German with 6 movable flap plates

Published by Oehmigke & Riemschneider, in Neuruppin, Germany

Dated 1880 according to Google Books

Good condition - rebound - see photos

Collectors Corner:

Did the famous publisher Oehmigke & Riemschneider publish movable children’s books? We did not know that they did until this one example turned up. We can find no other movable Oehmigke & Riemschneider books recorded. We would appreciate any information on this from other collectors. We'd also love to know what the hand written victorian German script notes that came with this book say.

The company Oehmigke & Riemschneider was founded by Arnold Hermann Riemschneider (1806-1856) in 1831 in in Neuruppin, Germany. Johann Philipp Oehmigke (1807-1858) had a bookstore in Berlin when he became a partner in 1831 with Riemschneider . They started with the production of pictorial broadsheets. After the establishment of a lithographic establishment in September 1835, the first picture sheet was issued. In the 1940’s, the publisher expanded its range with childrens and property books (Kinder- und Sach- Büchern). Both partners were members of the Masonic Lodge Neuruppiner "Ferdinand the Red Eagle". After both partners died Oehmigke’s son Alfred took over the company in 1958. By 1861 the company employed 22 workers on hand presses and 85 colorists. The coloring was also done in home work by women and children as well as in prisons and workhouses. In 1868 they built a new factory with electricity. In the second half of the 19th century they became quite famous for paper theater sheets competing with Gustav Kühn they also produced prints . After Alfed’s After death in 1871 his wife ran the company. In 1875 she sold the company to Eduard Buchbinder and Carl Mootz. Their descendants ran the company until going out of business in 1953.

Religiöse Bilderbogen aus Neuruppin: eine Untersuchung zur Frömmigkeit im Jahrhundert by Peter Lang, 2008, page 27.

The Online Collection of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

Papiertheater - Wickipedia

Shown below is an image if their former factory building still standing in Neuruppin, Germany


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