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SOLD - Tauba Auerbach - [2,3] This item is for reference only, to find available movable books, see category "Books for Sale"

Tauba Auerbach  Movable Book


Tauba Auerbach - [2,3] – Signed - Mint condition

Six volumes housed in a specially designed slipcase, and published in a limited edition of 1,000. This long awaited limited edition sold out very quickly once it became available in 2011.

Each book is 20 x 32 square with pop-ups reaching as tall as 18 (50.8 x 82.3 cm)

The pop-up sculptures in each book unfold into wonderful, elaborate geometric forms including including: pyramid, sphere, cube-arc, möbius, gem, & ziggurat.

The entire set weighs over 26 pounds! ISBN - 9780894390524

The following link details a recent exhibit of this set at Carolina Nitsch – New York – called SYSTEMIC. MoMA has just acquired a copy.


Collector's Corner:

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