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SOLD - Das Lebende Märchen - Max und Moritz - 1948 German movable book - CLICK IMAGE FOR INFO

Antique Movable Book  Max und Moritz

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Title: Das Lebende Märchen. Max und Moritz. Schneider Böck. Der dritte Streich frei nach Busch belebt zugleich (The survivor stories)

Illustrator: Barthauer, Wilh.

Bonn Dalemär 1948

Classis German Children's tale told in movable form.

Paper covers, staples - yet still in fine condition!

3 movable pages in perfect working order.

Collector’s corner:

There is a fascinating article about the publisher of this book, Lothar Stanetzki, in the May 2003 Movable Stationary Newsletter written by Peter Schuhle – Loxstedt Germany.

According to Mr. Schuhle’s extensive research, Lothar Stanetzki under his publishing house Das Lebende Märchen, published 7 animated books between 1946 and 1948.

According to the article each title (including the other Das Lebende Märchen we have listed), was “printed on paper of about 200gms in strong primary colors with rudimentary shading. The pages into which the movable parts were to be inserted were printed as double sheets, folded from the lower edge upwards: the movable parts were then assembled (by hand) and then the open ends were stapled.”

All the Das Lebende Märchen animated books were made the same way and have identical pull tab mechanisms which were patented.

If you would like to collect all 6 titles, they are:

Hansel & Gretel, 1946

Das tapfere Schneiderlein (The Brave Little Tailor), 1947

Die Heinzelmannchen von Koln ( The friendly dwarfs from Cologne), 1947

Die Vogelhochseit (The Bird’s Wedding), 1947

Max und Moritz Der dritte Streich (The 3rd prank), 1948

Muttis Tageswunsch (Mother’s Wish For The Day), 1948

Actually, there was a 7th…………………….

Max Und Moritz, Der Zweite Streich (The second prank), 1948 – no copies exist other than galleys because it was pulped due to a copyright dispute.

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